Ronnie Rose, considered to be one of Rhode Island's finest vocalists/entertainers, is now in Las Vegas!

He has long been recognized for his special talent of "getting people out of their seats to party"!

Entertainment that gets a STANDING OVATION!


NEW: Ronnie Rose is now in Las Vagas! Ronnie is STILL available for East Coast Clients! Click here for more information on this!

Purchase Ronnie Rose CDs!
Ronnie Rose Christmas CD Available!
NEW: Ronnie Rose Christmas CD!
Ronnie Rose CD Available!
Ronnie Rose CD Available!

In the past 16 years, The Ronnie Rose Band has performed at over 1000 weddings and at over 2500 corporate and private functions!

He has performed at events attended by former President George Bush, former Vice President Al Gore, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson and has performed in concert with The Beach Boys, Barry Manilow, Kool and the Gang, The Four Tops, as well as other well known bands!

Ronnie Rose had the honor of performing "America The Beautiful" for the New England Patriots victory celebration in Providence. Click here for a picture of Ronnie Rose with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

The Ronnie Rose Band opened for Earth, Wind and Fire at a special private party which was held at Foxwoods Casino, CT on New Years Eve, 2002! Click here for a picture of Ronnie Rose with Earth, Wind and Fire members.

Ronnie Rose
11599 Cantina Terlano Place
Las Vegas, NV 89141

Office + Fax #: 702-251-1516

YES...Ronnie Rose maintains a Rhode Island office for East Coast performances
and will fly back for New England clients desiring his personal touch.

Please call 702-251-1516 and leave a message. Click here for more information!

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